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Here it comes again : the urge to write,
To lay down on paper that time was not on our side.
Got a pocketful of blurry slides,
Images too vague to try to make sense of them now.

History's always written in the aftermath.
It's a dirty job to make a scrapbook of our past...

Coz I don't know your face now, don't know your face now, it has changed somehow...
And I realize I don't know who you are.
I thought I knew you by heart, right then from the start, it's a shifty game.
You're the same. Yet a stranger, a stranger... Stranger to my heart.

Turn the bright lights out and leave the place.
I doubt you ever tried to make space for me at your side.
No matter how small, discreet, or tame,
It was not about me but about your ex after all.

I don't resent you for the rawness of your scars,
I just don't wanna wait to see if they are gonna close...

Coz I don't know your face now, don't know your face now, it has changed somehow...
And I realize I don't know who you are.
I thought I knew you by heart, right then from the start, it's a shifty game :
You're the same. Yet a stranger, a stranger... Stranger to my heart.

To sing about love is for the meek,
But it would be foolish to think it is for the weak.
By getting it all out, I make my peace
With things I cannot change - I wouldn't want that in the least.

This scrapbook testifies to who we've been
As a milestone on the journey we make within...

I think I see your face now, I see your face now, it's just not the face
I want to cherish for all times.
I feel for you as a friend, as a fellow soul. In my heart of hearts,
Think I knew you'd be my best lesson in the art of love.




Jan 23, 2020

Péniche El Alamein, Paris 13 (métro 14) 20h30

Soirée GIVE ME FOUR : coplateau Kristina Vaughan, Jikaëlle, Jadallys, La Bête Aveugle

Nov 06, 2019

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Nov 06, 2019

Stamford, Connecticut (Nov 7th > 10th)

NERFA conference: Kristina Vaughan's Guerilla showcases

- Thursday, Nov 7th between 11PM & 12AM: Midnight Hoot (room 2031)
- Friday, Nov 8th from 2PM to 2.15PM: Cup of Joe (2065)
- Friday, Nov 8th from 12AM to 12.30AM (ITR): Access Film Music, BLUE (2105)
- Friday, Nov 8th from 1.45AM to 2AM: Fool's Hill Music (2072)
- Saturday, Nov 9th from 4.45PM to 5PM : One Up, One Down, One Cover (2092)
- Saturday, Nov 9th from 11.45PM to 11.55PM: Decent Exposure (2052)
- Saturday, Nov 9th from 1AM to 1.30AM: Access Film Music, RED (2103)
- Saturday, Nov 9th from 1.45AM to 2.15AM (in the round):
New Faces at NERFA (2084)

Kristina will also cohost with Mara Levine, Dennis McDonough, Garret Swayne
& Lauren Pratt in Access Film Music RED and BLUE.


Nov 02, 2019

New York city, New York

Kristina Vaughan @ The Bitter End


Oct 25, 2019

Newburgh, New York

Pre-opening of the Chapman Steamer arts center

Ahmad, Bob Gaulke, Kristina Vaughan, Sean Condron: music
David Barnes: poetry
David Lionheart: paintings
Sienna Rose Kat Blaw & Emily Kessler: dance


Oct 23, 2019

Mendham, New Jersey

Kristina Vaughan | Folk Project TV, "Horses Sing None of It!"

Original songs & interview (by Ralph Litwin)
To be aired in a month | diffusion dans un mois.

Oct 15, 2019

Jeffersonville, Indiana

Kristina Vaughan & David Barnes | "Night Under the Paris Stars"

A night of music & poetry.

Jun 28, 2018

Paris, France

Kristina Vaughan trio | Concert au SUNSIDE-SUNSET (Paris 1)

Piano-vocals : Kristina Vaughan
Cello: Marie Potosniak | Drums: Rafaël Meyrier

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IMPRESSIONS d'eau qui court, de falaises escarpées, de ciels d'orage... La singer-songwriter Kristina Vaughan chante d'une voix aux accents irlandais ses ballades qui puisent leur inspiration chez les maîtres de la chanson anglophone (Sinead O'Connor, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple) et française (Léo Ferré).

PIANISTE, GUITARISTE et chanteuse, Kristina Vaughan est accompagnée sur scène par divers musiciens, le plus fidèlement par la violoncelliste-choriste Marie Potosniak et plus récemment par le percussionniste Nicolas Derolin.
ILS ONT JOUÉ dans des salles parisiennes telles que le Sunside-Sunset ou La Bellevilloise, new-yorkaises telles que The Bitter End et leur format acoustique se prête bien aux concerts de poche chez les particuliers.

LE PREMIER ALBUM de Kristina Vaughan, The Art of Love (2018), se compose de 12 titres originaux:

SINGER-SONGWRITER Kristina Vaughan explores the art of loving in songs that evoke running water, broken cliffs and angry skies. Influenced by such fine musicians as Sinead O'Connor, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, French chansonnier Léo Ferré or the Parisian anglophone spoken word scene,
PIANIST, GUITARIST and lead singer Kristina Vaughan is accompanied onstage by various musicians, most faithfully by cellist-backup vocalist Marie Potosniak and by drummer-percussionist Nicolas Derolin.
THE BAND PERFORMED in Parisian venues such as jazz club Sunside-Sunset or La Bellevilloise, at The Bitter End in NYC and their acoustic format also lends itself well to house concerts.

Kristina Vaughan DEBUT ALBUM The Art of Love (2018) features 12 original songs:




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